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About the Artist

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 Steve Rostron is a contemporary artist and painter, creating semi abstract landscapes. He draws inspiration from where he lives in the Ribble Valley Lancashire. His work is moody, atmospheric and powerful. For Steve, the landscape is a thinking space, a place of meditation. 


Steve relocated to Lancashire in 2009 and more recently settled in the village of Sabden. This change of environment has affected his most recent work. Living in the shadow of Pendle Hill, a landmark that Steve has known all his life, is hard to ignore.

"I do not try to recreate a scene or defined image of the landscape, rather use the elements of what I see to create an amalgamation or interpretation."

This approach has won Steve many admirers and in 2017 Steve won both "Painting Padiham" and the prestigious "Create Longridge" competitions. Of his Create Longridge entry, the judges commented on the joyous palette and wonderful composition of the painting, reflecting the beauty of the landscape in front of the artist. 

I work in my studio which is situated in my garden out in the Ribble Valley countryside. I prefer a modest studio that I can feel relaxed in and throw paint around, creativity for me is a messy process.

The location of my studio enables me to stay connected to the elements and seasons. 

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